Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bears Home


This time, you will get you to know the newest layout I made, the "Bears Home". This big aquarium doesn't belong to me, but I setup this aquarium for a friend of me. This is the very first aquarium that I consider as a big step to the next times of making layouts, it is a big improve of my aquascape, and now I think I'm ready to setup some nice aquascapes. I and Carlos Alfredo(the owner)try hard to do something good, and I think we did that. This aquarium is very complex, and it has plenty of fish and plants and water conditions, but the start up, with the knowledge, and getting the right material make all of this a success. So as you can the, to have something like this, you have to study and get the right thing in the right time. I hope you enjoy as mutch as I do.







Well, for some more information just contact me, i will let you know all about the setup of the "Bears Home". It will be very dificult to make something more beatifull than this peace of work, but i will try, and most of all, it is the animals, and plants that benifits with all my improvement, so i get very happy for them.



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